The enclosure system PrioLine® - Here every idea finds its fitting enclosure!

The PrioLine®-enclosure concept

In the enclosure series PrioLine® the highest priority is given to flexibility regarding size, color, shape and function as well as to an individual design.
These enclosures adapt to your requirements and wishes thanks to the
modular construction of aluminium profiles and plates that offer almost
unlimited combination possibilities.


KSK-version with design caps

Compatible corner pieces

The design corners are available as standard in ten different colors and in two different versions.

order number corner piece standardorder number corner piece for clip angledescription
18500031691850003173corner piece, black (RAL9005)
18500031811850003182corner piece, anthracite gray (RAL7016)
18500032391850003240corner piece, light gray (RAL7035)
18500031681850003172corner piece, traffic blue (RAL5017)
18500031791850003180corner piece,ultramarine blue (RAL5002)
18500031831850003184corner piece, turquoise blue (RAL5018)
18500031771850003178corner piece, ruby red (RAL3003)
18500031701850003174corner piece, traffic red (RAL3020)
18500031751850003176corner piece, melon yellow (RAL1028)
18500031711850003242corner piece, traffic yellow (RAL1023)

Corner pieces standard                                Corner pieces for clip angle


Special features of the PrioLine-enclosure series

  • Individual determination of dimensions, thus no standard or standard dimensions available
  • Conception of the enclosure is oriented towards the conditions and requirements such as circuit boards, foil keyboard, electronic components and not vice versa
  • Individual mounting of circuit boards on customer-specificly predetermined press-fit elements or slide-in nuts of the basic profile or side parts.
  • Good EMC qualities already in the basic equipment without additional sealings
  • Optionally cover/bottom plate or side plates are removable/unscrewable
  • Free choice of the basis material out of aluminium profiles (PrioProf) and plates made of aluminium or plastic
  • The plates are guided circumferentially in the nuts to avoid a pushing-through
  • Optional use as DIN rail enclosure by means of an adapter
  • Design of a continuous design line in different dimensions and forms
  • Due to closed screw channels the enclosure can be screwed and unscrewed without any problems and without mounting/screwing chips falling inside the enclosure
  • Almost any colored design possible due to the individual choice of the surface of the components, whereby combinations are possible, too
  • Individual construction by the customer by means of basic models; transparent enclosures can be realized, too (e.g. demo models)
  • Rapid availability, also in express service, because aluminium profiles and plates from stock are used as a basis
  • In your interest versions are protected as a utility patent
  • By default the PrioLine profile can take sheet thicknesses between 1,5 and 2,0 mm. Thicker materials are possible without any problems, because the material thickness can be reduced by graduation milling
  • KSK-version available
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