Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do PrioLine® enclosures cost?
This depends on the version and on the number of pieces.
Please consider that we can only show examples of already realized projects on our website. The best thing to do is to provide a specification which represents the part to be produced as closely as possible. For a first cost estimation it is sufficient to indicate the shape, the approx. dimensions and the surface type.
Please consider also that it is highly recommendable to specify both the surface or printing and the mechanical processing right from the beginning, as it is less costly to produce these along with the production of the individual parts, than to mount the finished parts once again for further processing.

2. Do you offer standard PrioLine® enclosures?
No, this would not agree with the conception and with our customer orientation. However, the complete system is based upon standard components and profiles which guarantee not only quick availability, but also cost-saving production.

3. What can I do if PrioLine® enclosures do not seem to be the right choice?
There is always the possibility to produce an appropriate customized enclosure for you. To see some examples, please click here. Moreover, we will be glad to help you to find the best solution.

4. We have our own possibilities of mechanical processing. Is it possible to purchase only the profile from you to construct one’s own enclosures?
Yes, of course. See ordering profiles.

5. What are the grooved pins intended for and how are they mounted?
Unlike many other profiles, the PRIOline-profile allows you to realize enclosure versions which meet the requirements of the VDE (Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies). This is realized by means of the grooved pins which contact the profiles and the insert plates with each other. Preferably, two grooved pins are driven in diagonally both on the front and on the rear side, respectively, during the assembly (see unifilar drawing).
Apart from that, we recommend you the use of rear-side soldering lugs for cable shoes or ground bolts in order to ensure the safe electrical connexion of all parts. We also recommend you to have the VDE approval of your device be carried out by an authorised expert.

6. Is it possible to produce executions with removable/screwed cover-/bottom plates or side plates?
Yes, both variants are possible in each case. This is realized by means of thread strips M3 which are inserted into the groove of the profile (see unifilar drawing).

7. Are special executions possible, e.g. triangular enclosures?
Yes, please have a look at our unifilar drawings under “triangular housings".

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